Vancouver Photo Journal

Vancouver in April

No frills, just food. I've been told that vancouver has good food, but I was skeptical. Mind you, I'm spoiled by Los Angeles...

Eat at Guu. Just do it, you won't regret.

The way these boyfriends were photographing their girlfriends was quite comical. Both had girlfriends purse wrapped, while making these poses. This was taken right before we saw a killer whale jump out of the water! Magical.


Behold, the best fish and chips I've had in my life! I've had many fish and chips in my life but none come close to this. A must try! The stall that serves it is situated by the water. 

Beer Island. On our first day or arriving in Vancouver, a waitress recommended Beer Island. It's a local hang out spot where people come to drink beer after work or before dinner. The highlight of the trip for me. I could really envision myself coming here after work, every day, thinking "this is the life."