Bay Area in July

This past July, my best friend and I escaped the LA smog for a weekend! A friend was getting married, so we took this opportunity to make it a roadtrip. Our drive began at, a disgusting, 4am. The reason? We were desperate for nature. 

After 6 hours of driving, we were awed by the redwoods in the Muir Woods National Monument. It was breathtaking and therapeutic to feel so small within the forest. It's easy to forget how tiny we are within this world. The hike reminded me to appreciate my blessings, think of the big picture, and live positively. I think we both left with refreshed perspectives. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed some hot apple cider and coffee from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Then enjoyed dinner in Sausalito at a waterfront restaurant called Fish. They had the best fish & chips I've ever had! I'm salivating, just thinking about it. We ended our night by getting lost and driving through San Francisco.

The wedding ceremony was held at Elliston Vineyards. We sat under a big tree overlooking a vineyard and beautiful hillsides. I love that the wedding wasn't stuffy but still intimate. After the ceremony, my best friend and I snuck off to a wheat field to take some photos. It was beautiful but painful..wheat is surprisingly sharp!

Overall, the trip was refreshing and amazing~