Why am I in Haarlem, Netherlands?

I'm in a long distance relationship. I live in California and my boyfriend lives in the Netherlands. It's a very long distance relationship! 

He made me eggs in a basket =)

Saturday market in Haarlem

The saturday market in Haarlem is the cutest farmers market I've been to. I've been there twice now and both times I went have been exceptional. Seems like the stalls don't change by week and it's nice to know that things will be available the following week. Can't wait to get more goodies on Saturday!

Weekend in Pismo Beach

Spent the weekend in Pismo Beach to celebrate a 30th birthday! Ten of us stayed in a beautiful home that also had a farm that rescued local animals. We rode atv's, pet animals, and frolicked on the beach~

Milo & Olive

If you're ever in Santa Monica, try Milo & Olive! You won't regret it~

A day in Malibu, CA

My best girl friends and I spent the day in Malibu. We started the day at Malibu Wines and then enjoyed the sunset on the beach before heading back to Los Angeles. It was the perfect day!